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Are Matter And Anti-Matter Reasons Behind The Existence Of Entire Universe?

The long-standing curiosity of understanding the reason behind the existence of universe still continues till date. While many believe that the universe is nothing but a perfect balance of matter and antimatter, a majority rejects the claims considering the symmetry of the universe. When matter and antimatter counter each other, all we are left with is light. Hence, when the universe is symmetrical in nature, it should have been nothing but a big ball full of light. Scientists are now in for a research to understand what created the imbalance between matter and antimatter.

Physicists around the globe believe that it is the electric dipole moment of the neutron that has led to the imbalance between matter and antimatter, and ultimately to the existence of universe. The electric dipole moment is probably the only phenomenon that refers to the asymmetric shape of the neutron. Scientists have been trying hard to understand or theorize this asymmetry but have so far failed to do so. Physicists at Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have resorted to special giant setup called Spallation Neutron Source. The massive setup is expected to take around two years to get built, but once done, it is expected to provide enough evidences to support the matter antimatter theory.

Talking about the universe, scientists have more recently discovered the most isolated galaxy in our universe. The galaxy, MCG+01-02-015, is located inside a great cosmic void, making it isolated from the rest of the universe. Most of the galaxies exist in clusters and follow the blueshift and redshift. However, this one does not follow any of them as it exists all alone. The bigger takeaway is the fact that our galaxy had many other galaxies around us to tell us that we are not alone, and make us capable enough of studying the universe.

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