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Chang’e4 Enters Sleep Mode To Prepare For The Lunar Night

According to sources, the Chinese expedition on the lunar surface has once again suffered from dormancy during the fifth night. A day on the moon is equal to 28 days of planet earth and at present, the Chinese spacecraft is probing the surface of the moon which is on the dark side.

The Chinese spacecraft, named Chang’e4 had landed on the lunar surface on January 2, 2019. The month of May on earth is supposedly fifth lunar day and the spacecraft would shut down during the lunar night. Few reporters stated that Chang’e4 would become dormant as it won’t be able to get solar energy when it would face the lunar night.

This is the first mission where a spacecraft has landed with perfection on the lunar surface. At present, the Chang’e4 is probing Von Karman Crater. The crater is about 115 miles in width and scientists are trying to study the history of natural satellite. Location of Von Karman Crater is at the southern pole of the moon.

Scientists who are related to the present moon expedition told that on May 11, 2019, Chang’e4 and Yutu-2 rover have attained dormant mode. Though the mission of Yutu-s rover was set to last only for three months of planet earth it is taking longer time duration. NASA has also faced similar problem during its Mars mission where the space agency had to probe the planet for 14 long years, though the initial probing time was 90 days.

At present, the Chinese robots have to face dormancy for two more weeks before they set back to work. The Chinese rovers have covered an area of 626 feet since the starting of the lunar probing mission. Scientists are also trying to probe the enigmatic region of the moon through sophisticated instruments viz. VNIS, LPR, and PCam.

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