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Chinese Landscape Bags International Contract After Assembling Of Methalox Engine

Recently, a private company of China has assembled Methalox engine. Landscape has completed the assembly so that it can effectively launch its Zhuque-2 vehicle. The company completed the engine assembly at Huzhou district in Eastern China. Reportedly, the company will use TQ-12 engine in Vermillion Bird-2 vehicle, which is around 48.8 meters in height and 3.35 meters in diameter. The vehicle could carry a load of 4000 kilograms and at around 200 kilometers above the surface of the earth.

One of the representatives of Landscape stated that the vehicle will get into proper operability in 2020 and it possesses a great deal of thrust energy which provides aid in leaving the gravitational pull of the earth. During an exclusive press interview, Mike Gruntman said that it is a big deal for China that it has designed an engine with such massive power. He also said that back in 1980 USSR developed methane-LOX engine but it never made an official takeoff.

Back in April 2019, Landscape signed two contracts with D-Orbit and Open Cosmos. In the agreement, Landscape will help the two companies in launching endeavors through its Zhuque-2 rocket. While speaking to the reporters Remco Timmermans said that due to the present MoU, Open Cosmos will be able to take services of Landscape so that it can send the payloads of its customers into the orbit of the earth.

One of the spokespersons of Landscape told the reporters that the deal with Open Cosmos was worth $15 million. The spokesperson also said that the officials of Open Cosmos did not mention anything regarding monetary obligations.

Both the companies signed the contract in Beijing, China back in April 2019. Previously, Landscape has also signed a contract with Gomspace, which is a company of Denmark. Landscape had to provide launch service through LS-1 but after cancellation Zhuque-1 was used. Back in October 2018, Zhuque-1 attempted for vehicle launch but the endeavor was a sheer failure for the company.

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