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House Appropriators Approve $1bn Additional NASA Funding

Back on May 16, 2019, the House Appropriations Committee provided a bill which provided over $1 billion as per the original requests made by the NASA. As per the CJS bill, the present government of the US provided a budget of $22.32 billion to NASA for the financial year 2020. The present budget is more than $1.2 billion what the space agency had asked for and it is more than $820 million than what NASA had got for the financial year of 2019.

The government of America had given such a hefty budget to NASA so the scientists can work on Orion, Space Launch System, and Lunar Landers. As per the budget, the US government will provide $5.13 to the exploration account of NASA. At present, the science programs of NASA are getting a total increase of near about $7.16 billion. The committee has provided most of the budget for the earth sciences.

STEM program of NASA will get a total fund of $123 million. While addressing the press, Rep. Jose Serrano said that the present US government has provided such fund to NASA so that it can easily study climatic changes and do some scientific research.

During a press statement, E.B Johnson said that he does not want to comment anything about the moon landing program until he receives any statement from the Congress. While giving an exclusive interview Kendra Horn said that it is very essential to know the proper source of NASA’s funding. She showcased her concerns about Pell Grants funds and said that they shouldn’t be compromised at any cost.

Contrary to this, few spokespersons of Commercial Spaceflight Federation said that the government has taken a great step by granting NASA such a hefty budget for space exploration. During a press interview, Eric Fanning said that the government has taken a further step by providing an additional of $1.6 billion to NASA’s space program.

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