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New System Likely To Improve Promotion Chances For Space Officials

The considerations are being done by the Air Force regarding the evaluation of chances and promotions of the officers. As per the draft proposal expected to be debated in few months from, the mid-grade officers from fields like cyber security, nuclear missiles and space will be given enhanced chances of promotion as compared to the current system.

On May 16, 2019, Heather Wilson, the secretary of Air Force said that they are revising the promotion guidance. Wilson is going to take the position of the president of Texas University on May 31, 2019. Matt Donovan, the undersecretary of the Air Force is going to serve as an active secretary prior to the replacement of Wilson.

In the last two weeks of office, the staff chief Gem, Wilson and David Goldfein are going to make a plan for introducing the system of promotion which can break the list of qualified officers in six categories of competition that are: special warfare and air operations; missile and nuclear operations; information warfare; space operations; force modernization and combat support.

Currently, among all sectors, Air Force is the only one whose medical professionals, chaplains and lawyers take part in completion for promotion in their self-categories. The medical corps doctors compete with the same category doctors and JAG corps members compete among their branch.

This current competition system in Air Force faces criticism for doing promotions of pilots at a large number in comparison to space operators. This behavior of the Air Force is the reason for arguments taking place between Congress members and Trump’s administration and they are asking for a separate branch of the military for officers.

After these long arguments, Congress has agreed on proposal according to which they will create independent Space Force. With a separate competitive category, only the officers and space corps of Air force would be able to compete for promotions.

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