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Our Staff

Ana Cornel
Chief Editor

Being the CEO of Technology Stats News, Ana Cornel also takes care of the Finance Department. Earlier, she was Chief Editor in one of the best companies in the business industry. Ana owns a Master’s In Business Administration. Having deep knowledge of statistics, she is fully committed to his work. Ana has awesome leadership skills along with some entrepreneurship skills too.


Phone: +1-800-616-4918

Alen Cooper
Senior Editor

Being a Senior editor at Technology Stats News, Alen Cooper owns a Degree of Computer Engineering. He is associated with us since past 5 Years. Alen handles the technology domain in here. He takes care of the innovations, latest updates, and trending news in the technology domain. In the spare time, Alen loves to go trekking. He has travelled many of his bucket list destinations till date and further plans to complete the entire list.


Phone: +1-800-431-9916

Jay Dickison
Senior Content Writer

Jay Dickison owns Masters in Space Studies and Associated with us as a Senior Content Writer. He loves to write about space, science, and stargazing. Though Jay is writer at his workplace, he is a reader when stars are down. He loves to read non-fictional and fictional books. Jay also owns an official page. He shares all the scientific important topics in there. Jay enjoys being active on social media.


Phone: +1-800-551-9137

Pitney Bowes
Writer & Author

Pitney Bowes is a main writer at Technology Stats News. She owns a Bachelor’s Degree of Biotechnology. On floor, Pitney is given the name “best medical coder”. She loves to engage in health news as well as blogs at Technology Stats News. In her free time, Pitney loves to doodle, considering it enhances his cognitive skills. She has good technical knowledge too.


Phone: +1-800-617-5518