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Tesla Car On Autopilot Mode Meets A Fatal Crash Yet Again

Tesla cars seem to be encountering crashes repeatedly. One of its cars which come with an auto-pilot feature got crashed once again. One of the Tesla auto-pilot crashes took place on March 1, 2019. The accident took place in Florida. A 50-year-old was driving the car on autopilot died due to the accident. More details on this accident were released by the authorities. According to the new data, the auto-pilot mode was switched on the car 10 seconds before the car clashed with a semi- truck. This information has been provided by National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Fingerprints of the Tesla sedan car driver was not found on the steering wheel of the car 8 seconds before the car was started. On the other hand, the semi- truck driver was completely fine with no injuries. The report did not accuse the Tesla driver for the accident. NTSB informed they are still carrying on investigation in this regard.

Auto-pilot, which is the semi-automatic driving software for Tesla is under question after this recent information. Elon Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla informed they are aiming for a completely automatic driving software. The software is yet to be released. According to the critics, people are getting fooled by the term Auto-pilot. This is just a driver assistance feature. People misunderstand the concept and become less alert while driving.

Tesla is still defending its Auto-pilot feature. According to a statement published on Thursday by Tesla, drivers have recorded driving approximately 1 billion miles using this feature. The company also stated that drivers who use this feature and are attentive on road are less prone to accidents than the ones who do not use this assistance.

Tesla has published a safety report which states that just 1 accident has been recorded for 2.87 million miles of drive.

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